Collage.Click – Face Swap


Get the best face switch app for your iPhone/Android now! Collage.Click- Face Swap is a great face editor app that follows the shape of your face naturally. You can cut out the face and swap it onto another body with other background. Our app produces far better result than the usual face in hole app where the shape of the face is only a circle. Using our picture editor is like using a highly advanced photoshop apps. Try it for yourself and enjoy our cool photo effects!

[youtube(30 sec)]

How does Collage.Click work? We put the face part of your face on different background to create a totally new image with your face replacing the face in the background picture. This way you can try out different hairs, different looks, and different settings to see how you look in them. Maybe you just want to create funny pictures, maybe you want to glam up yourself without having to wear elaborate dresses or costumes, maybe you just want to see how you look with different hair styles and what you look like if you wear cosplay costumes. No matter what your purpose is, we help you create awesome picture combinations.

Aside from replacing face, this app can also transform a kid’s face. You can see put your 3 year old kid’s face on an adult body and show it to him or her. She or he will be very delighted with the transformation.

Other uses of this app includes: creating Christmas cards or other special occasion cards, creating amazing pictures to put on gifts, gender swap, making funny pictures to laugh together, masquerade your face, and many more! You don’t have to install other funny picture maker and face replace apps anymore because our app is enough to cover all you need. The sky is the limit for your creativity.


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